Saint Petersburg
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St. Petersburg has already been recognized internationally as one of the best cities for travelers. The city of embankments and museums is often called the cultural capital of Russia. Nowadays along with its historical heritage, canals and imperial palaces, St. Petersburg is considered one of Russia’s most romantic cities.

Water, rivers, canals. Spread across more than 40 islands, not for nothing is St. Pete called the “Venice of the North”. Endless palaces, alleyways, monuments and cathedrals. The June White Nights festival offers visitors a special opportunity to take extra long walks around all of the city’s treasures. Visiting the Mariinsky Theater for an opera or ballet performance, watching a fireworks display over the Neva River. Visiting the Hermitage which is ranked among the 10 best museums in the world. Wining and dining, romantic sunsets, rooftop views.

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