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Kamchatka’s 300 volcanoes are included as an entry on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This fact, together with the geyser rivers and valleys, the volcanoes’ huge calderas and the perpetually changing landscapes after volcanic eruptions make Kamchatka one of the few places on earth where you can still feel like an explorer. This land was discovered more than 300 years ago, but even today so little is known about it. Until 1990 foreigners couldn’t set foot in Kamchatka and even Russians needed a special permit to come. Now it’s open to everyone.
Kizhi Pogost
The world-renowned architectural ensemble on an island in Lake Onega is included on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. A great place to grasp the ingenuity and determination of the Russian people. What is more symbolic of Russia than isolation and ingenuity? This 17th century site speaks to both. Located in the middle of Lake Onega, this island contains three large structures: a bell tower and two large wooden churches, with one of them standing 37 meters tall and featuring 22 domes. Not one nail was used in any of these constructions, which have shown remarkable longevity, despite the use of rather simple materials.