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Chukotka is the most remote and unreachable region of Russia. It is also the least explored. Living here, you feel like a speck in the silent snowy wilderness. Visitors to the region will be exposed to the winds of two oceans, see the unique Arctic flora and fauna and the mysterious monuments of Chukotka’s ancient inhabitants. It is also the only Russian region that is located in two hemispheres.

Chukotka is wedged between the Arctic and Pacific Oceans. So when you reach Cape Dezhnev (the easternmost tip of Russia), you can see the Arctic on your left and the Pacific on your right, North America in front of you and boundless tundra of the north-eastern Eurasia behind you.
Chukotka is located in the tundra-zone. During the short summer Arctic berries, mushrooms and flowers turn the tundra into a colourful fragrant carpet. The first snowfall starts in late October after the period of rain and fog and continues till next June.
Chukotka is immersed in the long Arctic night when sunlight is seen only a couple of hours a day. If you come here in winter, you will be rewarded with a unique natural phenomenon called Northern Lights.