Sakhalin and Kuril Islands
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Sakhalin is the center of Russia’s only oblast and is located entirely on islands. Apart from Sakhalin – the largest Russian island – the Sakhalin Oblast includes the Kuril Islands. The shape of Sakhalin resembles a fish, and not by accident: this island, in whose rivers salmon spawn, is considered one of Russian caviar capitals.

For the adventurer, the difficult-to-access Kuril Islands provides a traveler with some of the most virgin and unspoilt nature in all of Russia. Life in this archipelago marches to the beat of its own drummer: seals gather on rocks, bird colonies assemble from dawn till sunset, bamboo grows where it wants to and geysers spurt from volcanoes. The Kurils offer a raw beauty that rivals Kamchatka in its appeal to travelers’ senses.

Journey to Kamchatka, Commander and Kuril Islands
The Pacific ring of fire manifests itself in numerous places on the rim of the Pacific Ocean — but nowhere more dramatically than in Russia's Far East. Along one of the world's most active plate boundaries, the Pacific plate subducts under the North American plate and the resulting volcanic and geothermal activity has built a unique and amazing landscape. Upwelling from the deep trenches formed by this action and currents around the many islands creates perfect conditions for seabirds and cetaceans.